Dark yellow ‘Butterball
and near white ‘Snowball’ –
no foul play here: this is a true
colour comparison.

Having been involved in the breeding of the yellow form of Clivia miniata since 1975, Cape Seed and Bulb are among the pioneers in the field development and promotion of selected forms of Clivia miniata var.citrina.

Our seed supply season is April to December.

Please remember: Some Clivia seedlings may be variable.

“Doris”, a seedling from “New Dawn”

The characteristics of our clones are as follows:
Mature plants normally give 2 flower stems per plant at a time.

  • Flower stems protrude well above the foliage.
  • Flowers have a light vanilla fragrance.
  • Mature plants normally bear 30 flowers or more on a head.
  • Well-grown plants flower after 3 season’s growth.
  • Foliage is lush, strong and dark green in colour.


Our plants are 2-3 years old and mature. Most bulbs and plants are dispatched from January to April.

Prices per plant. For whole sale quantities, please ask for our price list.
See also our seed lists, some of the shown Clivias are also available as plants. (Price on request)
 Click on photos for enlargements.

New Stock available:

Clivia Coral
Clivia Silky
Clivia Flamby
Clivia Multipetal Tangerine
Doris also now available

Clivia Evening Glow
Clivia Vanilla Cream
Clivia Multipetal Crayola
Clivia Peach Blossom